In last 20 years in Croatia, we’ve had many planning and building law changes and rules, not defined building zones and strategy, very slow building permit issuing bureaucracy. Because of all of that, it was expected that many investors will take a risk and start construction without permit or out of issued permit rules.

On July 13th 2012, Croatian government brought law which will allow legalization of illegally built buildings. In this moment there are more than 100.000 illegally built buildings in Croatia. Illegally built buildings are those that were constructed without any building permit or out of gabarites of issued building permit. All that buildings will be legalized except few exceptions such when building is built on planned public road, national park, protected historical area or on protected coastline.

Main condition in order to have right for legalization is that building was built by June 21st 2011.

There is an air photo of all Croatian properties and if building is on that air photo, it can be legalized. All of the properties that are not in the air photo ( built after June 21st 2011 ) cannot be legalized and will be destroyed by owner or government on cost of owner.

To legalize building it is necessary to make official architect drawing of an existing building and official geometry scan of the plot. If building has more than 400 m2, it is necessary to have official structural engineer statement regarding to construction structure.

Legalization fees depend of different factors; size of the building, property purpose and building zone where it was built. For example family house size of 200 m2 built in a building zone will have legalization fee of 500 euro but same house built out of building zone and within 100 m from the sea will have 3.000 euro fee to pay.

Communality fees are paid on base of local authority price list, same as for the new buildings.